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Some people think that going to a strip club is is something negative, but if you go with the rules and follow few things, behave maturely and respectfully, it can be a lot of fun.
Going to a strip club is almost every man’s dream. When going to a strip club Barcelona for the first time, a lot of questions comes in mind like what to do, how to react, how much money to take, which club to visit, etc.
So here are some steps for you.

Step 1:
Choose the best strip club in your area.

While choosing the best strip club Barcelona you can do a few things, like asking a friend or searching over the internet. But as you are in Barcelona, Stripper King BCN got your back. They can help in finding the best strip club for you where you can enjoy the best night of your life and enjoy some great deals as well.
Just give them a Call, WhatsApp or Text: +34631698094 and you are done. They will also provide unbeatable, complete packages that include free VIP hotel pickup and drop, complimentary admission to the most strip clubs in Barcelona.

Step 2:
Getting ready with cash

You gonna need some cash if you are planning to go to a strip club. You can say it for drinks, entry, lap dance or VIP treatment. In a strip club giving tips to strippers is important. You can’t just enjoy some special lap dance or a striptease without tips.

Step 3:
Beware of the strippers.

These women are often very charming, they know their way around your wallet and will try to convince you that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. Remember that it’s there to work to make as much money as possible, don’t take anything personally.

Step 4:
Tip the strippers.

Here it comes again. You make sure you are throwing $1-5 while a girl is on stage. If you just sit around you will be harassed to buy drinks/food or even asked to leave. But don’t do it to every girl, else you will finish all your cash before dessert. So actively participate but within your budget.

Despite what you may have heard, but in strip club Barcelona most strippers are not there to have sex with you or date you. It’s important that you understand that this is just how they earn money and they don’t want to go home with you.

But if you are looking for a sex club Barcelona, then Stripper King BCN can take you to best of them as well. We have connected to best strip club Barcelona like Sala Bagdad, Pussycat Barcelona, VIP Zone Barcelona and more.

Step 5:
Know what is a lap dance.

A lap dance is just a private dance that takes place in a separate room. Most dances cost about $20 plus a $3-5 “DJ” fee. They usually last one song and no you will not get anything extra. It’s a dance.

Step 6:
Be honest with the strippers.

I don’t think we have to tell you that, you must already know to have fun you need to honest. Making eye contact with a stripper is a sign of interest, so don’t be surprised when they come to sit down by you and want to talk. But remember: they’re trying to earn money, so if you don’t plan on buying a dance let them know so you don’t waste each others time.

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