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Strip clubs are one of the favorite hangout spots for men. This actually doesn’t mean that women can’t have fun as much as the men, obviously, why should men have all the fun. 😉

Regardless of a great experience if you are heading to strip club Barcelona with your boyfriend; can you imagine all those pointers that you can get while having fun with your boyfriend in your bedroom? Yeah! You can learn how to seduce men in the room with an exciting dance.

Here are some of the best Dos and Don’ts for girlfriends

Strippers not only welcome guys but girls as well!

Yeah, that’s true! The strippers welcome women to party with them in a club. To avoid any troublesome situations, they expect the girlfriends to know what they should and shouldn’t do while at the strip club.

– Don’t touch the dancers

Strippers are women but the touch of other women, they don’t like it at all. The rule of the club, look but don’t touch is also applicable to women as the dancers feel uncomfortable with inappropriate touches. If you really want to touch them, you can take permission from the dancer and go ahead.

– Don’t get jealous

Make your mind that you are at a strip club and the dancer’s job is to dance seductively. Make sure you are not taking this personally as they are not looking to steal your men. While entering the club, condition your mind with that you are in a strip club and you are going to sit back, relax and enjoy every moment with your boyfriend.  

– Don’t over drink

At the strip club, you are free to let yourself loose but overdrinking can lead to misbehaving or inappropriate acts.

– Don’t steal the show

It’s okay if you are willing to dance with the dancers but it is not at all okay if you jump on the stage and also steal the pole. This could distract other people who are there to see the dancers dancing. Let the strippers do their jobs.

– Do dress attractively

No matter if you are going to a strip club with your boyfriend, but his complete attention should keep revolving around you, after all, you are his girlfriend.

– Do give a lavish tip

Make sure you are up with enough money for ensuring that you are going to have great fun. Obviously, you’ll desire to buy drinks and food while watching the show, and most importantly you should be a lavish tipper. Make sure that the dancers are there to entertain the audience, and spending on tips is just a gesture of appreciation.

– Do keep an open mind

Men hang out at the strip clubs just to live out their sexual fantasies. While going to a strip club you should make your mind that you’ll be surrounded by the sexually charged fantasy world that the strippers offer to their customers. This means, whatever dance the stripper so, is just for a flat fun and nothing beyond.

It’s all about having fun!

If you are in Barcelona and looking to have an experience of a lifetime, don’t forget hanging out at the best strip clubs in Barcelona.

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